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To create sustainable value by providing industry-leading products and solutions to satisfy the construction needs of our customers around the world. On September 25, 2012 or earlier, the column was loaded with all the structural elements on the west side, with no load coming from the east, see Figure 20. It is estimated that the total dead load at that time was approximately 730 kips based upon the actual weights of the individual pieces, not considering any load factor.
After the cleanup, see Figure 46, it was discovered that grout was not placed at the footing underneath the column, but there was one stack of six shims 10"x10" placed under the column near its center, see Figure 47. The shims left a faint mark over the footing without any deformation in the footing concrete.

Together with our team of skilled engineers and our 3d product design and prototyping capabilities, we are able to develop a wide variety of products including: engineering parts, mechanical devices, machine components, and tools. Columns - C16, 10, 112, 205, 3. Beams - B3, 21, 23, 21. Stair walls - ST26, 25, sW21, 21 13, 14, 15. D Tees - T239, 239, 239, 239, 239, 239, 239, 239, 216, 107, 239, 263, 284, 264, 279, 239, 263, 284, 217, 104, 105, 132, 134, 106.
The sixth and fifth floor IT beams between columns B5 and B4 did not fall to the ground but sloped and leaned, and rested on the east end of the fourth floor IT beam. Sometimes, the grout projecting beyond the column would be cut. The precast erector thereby failed to maintain structural stability during construction.

Coreslab had responsibility for design and fabrication of individual pieces, and placing grout at the bases of the columns was a critical part of their design. Coreslab has its own concrete batching plant to produce concrete using one of the three design mixes approved by the structural engineer of record.
The engineer will apply lean manufacturing techniques to reduce overall cost and increase production yields. The engineer will be responsible for providing production support to both single point diamond turning processes and optical fabrication processes. MEP STRUCTURAL Engineering & Inspections, Inc.

Discrepancy was noticed on the design strength of concrete between CEG's design calculations and fabrication drawings prepared by Coreslab. With nearly half a century of combined experience, our licensed land surveyors and engineers are always available to complete project within expected time and budget.
CEG's design was based upon the criteria and information provided by the structural engineer of record. Of Miami, FL to design, fabricate, deliver and erect individual precast structural elements to complete the structure. Beams and double tees) with cast-in-place footings for the columns and precast shear walls, see Figure 1 for plan and Figure 2 for elevations.
To facilitate fabrication and erection, CEG marked every precast element with two numbers. Fire and rescue personnel reported to the site immediately, and began the painstaking task of locating bodies under the massive rubble of fallen precast concrete structural elements from five floors, weighing approximately 3,300 tons.

With our team of Biomedical, Mechanical, Electrical, and Manufacturing engineers, WB Engineering has a portfolio of medical devices and Product Development Services which have won awards for innovation in the medical industry. By exercising due diligence, Coreslab could have known that the bases of at least two columns B3 and A3.5 had not been grouted by the sub-contractor retained by them, and could have asked their sub-contractor to take immediate action.
At WB Engineering we are able to create custom designs, optimize existing designs, increase reliability or profitability, and brainstorming capabilities for new products. However, the 24"x24" column below level 3 was not able to resist the required ultimate axial loads of approximately 2,000 kips, when strength of the concrete f′c = 6,000 psi was considered based on the fabrication drawings.
In the erection drawings, CEG stated that "Grout columns and walls within 48 hours of erection unless noted otherwise (uno)", see appendix A-14. The garage was designed as a six-story precast concrete structure with precast columns, beams, double tees and wall panels.

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