Sergey Petrossov Interview

Everyone dreams about being rich, not necessarily famous, but certainly rich so that they do not have to worry about money. Petrossov does have a point- while Uber needs to be given credit for being a game-changer in the taxihailing business, the sheer scale, complexity and logistics involved in booking a private jet take what JetSmarter does into a different league altogether.
The idea Sergey Petrossov created with JetSmarter is that members can log in to the app to charter a jet, create a shared charter, or travel on a private jet While the company does not own the jets, it collaborates with a network of charter companies to help users find the best options.

If you compare JetSmarter to Uber , whose app is strictly digital and connects millions of rides a day, JetSmarter has a much higher level of touch because we don't have to connect millions of rides a day, we have to connect thousands of trips a year.
Also, this is the only travel and transportation market that has not gone digital, and this is really where the a-ha” moment happened for me. I realized that this industry needed to go online and go digital, so I began meeting with a lot of operators.

We are the fastest growing private jet company in the world, and are sought after by top tier celebrity fans, such as Jamie Foxx, Emily Ratajkowski, Jenny McCarthy, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Chanel Iman, Coco Rocha, Gerard Butler, Jeremy Piven, Fergie and more.
Utilizing his previous experience co-founding two IT companies and serving as a board advisor to a private jet operator based in South Florida, Petrossov created a user-friendly app allowing travelers to order flights with top-rated private jet operators.
Prior to the creation of JetSmarter, he focused on two applications that drastically improved the performance of the public - one was a chat service providing assistance to Russian-speaking institutions, and another one was a private jet operator that is based in Southern Florida.

JetSmarter offers a unique business model unlike any other private jet venture. JetSmarter has created an innovative company that provides shared services Sergey Petrossov Miami, Florida. for both customized, on-demand flights and its scheduled JetShuttle services which fly more than 50 routes to three different continents.
What began as an idea in 2012 has now become the world's largest private aviation travel and lifestyle community. The fundamental idea behind JetSmarter came to me sometime in 2009, when I realized that the average airplane is only flying about 200 hours a year when they could be flying close to 1,200 hours.

Sergey launched the beta version of the JetSmarter limited to frequent private jet patrons. JetSmarter has focused on growth with better price deals as a strong encouragement also for more bookings with travel arrangements Meeting others on shared trips has also been a reason to enjoy traveling.
Members are able to book private jets in a matter of minutes, right from the palm of their hand. Sergey Petrossov, CEO of JetSmarter, came up with the idea after a few frustrating moments of booking his own private travel. To join JetSmarter costs $15,000 a year to gain access, Petrossov said, and members then pay for the flights or other services.

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